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It may take you some time to realize that your deck needs to be repaired, but as soon as you do, hire a qualified professional to fix it for you. It’s a safety issue that you should take seriously. Let’s keep Greensboro, NC’s backyards as safe as possible and free of freak accidents.

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Top Rated Deck Repairing Services In Greensoro, NC

The Deck Builders Greenboro NC offers Deck Repair and Maintenance services to ensure your deck remains safe and secure. It’s more than just staining the wood, it can include making sure that the screws and nails are tight and the deck is structurally sound. Any weak point in a building, such as floor boards, railings, or steps, can be replaced. When you hire us, you will be able to negotiate the lowest possible price for materials, and depend on quality installation within your budget.

Deck Repair Services

Some Common Issues Decks Have Include :

Railings and decking made from pressure-treated lumber or composite materials
Replacement of deck boards and stair treads
Maintenance of hand rails and reinforcement of joists
Restoring discolored or damaged areas
Powerwashing Decks
Repairing Steps & Railings
Railing repair
Picket repair
Child-proofing of deck
Deck staining
Deck painting
Patio repair
Stone patio installation
Porch repair
Brick repair
Mortar repair
Composite decking
Plastic decking covers
Deck railing system install
Board replacement
Railing replacement
Stair tread replacement
Drainage and grading issues
Rotted wood
Loose deck boards
Split or cracked boards or railings
Warping or cupping boards
Insect damage
Loose handrails or railings
Support posts/concrete footings become weak and compromised
Rodent damage

Why Choose Us

So now that you know you need repairs, it is time to make the call. We have dealt with deck repairs problems before, so we know how to solve them quickly within a couple of hours. You may not only end up wasting a lot of your precious weekend, but you may also end up making the problem worse at the end of the day, even if it appears better when you’re done. Believe us, we’ve seen it many times. Don’t take the chance on deck repair in Greensboro,call a deck repairman like us.

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