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Pergolas are covered structures built to provide overhead shade. They are typically supported on four sides by columns holding a lattice of wooden members. Pergolas consist of posts or pillars with cross beams or open lattice at the top, creating an open structure that adds a sense of character to any outdoor living space.


The first thing to consider when it comes to pergolas is their material. Wooden pergolas look rustic but require a little more maintenance than their vinyl counterparts. In contrast, vinyl offers a more contemporary alternative that requires little maintenance and is easy to clean. If you have a vinyl fence, you know what we mean.

Most people will have an attached pergola that almost looks like an extension of their home, but free-standing pergolas are also available. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Deck Builders Greensboro NC has the knowledge and experience to fulfill your needs.

You’ll love relaxing and conversing with your guests under your brand-new pergola. Deck Builders Greensboro NC builds more than backyard and pool decks. We have erected many pergolas for satisfied customers in this area as well. We don’t just use pre-made trellises. We take our time and craft true pergolas.

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